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So White Perfume

I haven't seen a post on here in ages but maybe someone will see this?

I have a full bottle of So White perfume from the limited edition Christmas fragrances this year. I have used it ONCE. Apples aren't my thing (not sure why I bought it!) but I know some people really want to try it. I am willing to sell it for $25(CA funds) + shipping, payable through paypal ONLY, or I am willing to swap it for a bottle of the Snowcake shower gel (limited edition from this past Christmas).



Apr. 29th, 2009

Current Location: B4H 3Y1- Canada
Sweet Japanese Girl- used three times, is in good clean condition.
After 8:30 massage bar- used three times at most, on clean arms and legs.
Strawberry Feels Forever- Used twice, same as above. :)
Big Calm Shower Jelly- Used twice, 100g
Champagne Snow Showers Jelly- Used twice, 100g.
Pied de Pepper- used three times, full. :)
Soft Coeur- Used twice. :)

Candy Fluff perfume
Any vanilla items
Sore Labours massage bar
Spice Curls soap
Porridge Soap
Mask of Magnaminty
New! Solid shampoo
And try me on any retro product/other item you don't see listed, aside from karma. I strongly dislike karma.

Offer me on a price, and we can talk sale. :)

In the mood to buy a few things :)

I don't have much to swap for, so...

I'm pretty much looking for vanilla items, veganese, Mask of Magnaminty, or candy fluff dusting powder. :) Anything, really.

Post what you have, and I'll see if I'm interested.

Looking for reincarnate

Was wondering if anyone has any Reincarnate solid shampoo for trade or sale. Trying to help someone track some down :)

Ordering to the UK?

Clicking the group order tag will link you to previous posts. I was just curious if there was interest, for the group order, for ordering to UK?

I, for one, am THRILLED about vanilla products. :D I just want to know how many people were interested in getting it from UK, instead of Canada?

Let me know! :)

Lush must go! ILJ reduced!

Please note that all prices are listed in CAD.

I should Coco, .300 lbs. Ten dollars
Rock star Soap- 126g Eight dollars
Angel's Delight- There is about a pound of it, I'll let you have it for 15 dollars, even. It's cut up into smaller, manageable pieces, in saran wrap.
Sexy Peel- 200g I won't sell this one, as it was given to me for free by the lovely imagineallthree I will swap it!
I Love Juicy 250 ml's- 12 dollars for an almost full bottle. :) Gently used.

More Spice Curls! I love it!
Butterball shower gel
American Cream
Any vanilla products, excluding bath bombs.
Mask of Magnaminty
New! solid shampoo
Any retro product!
Soft Coeur Massage bar
Happy Hippy Shower gel
Snow fairy shower gel- I love it!

In your comment, include your post code if buying.

For payments, I can do money order or bank transfer. If you've never done a bank transfer before, I can help you out. :) It's really quite easy. :)

If you buy more than one item, we can talk discount. :)

Feb. 25th, 2009

Re: Group ordering Click for last post

This suggestion comes from caliza

Here's what I'd propose for how to do this: Everyone participating makes a list of what they want from the site, we go and create a 'shopping cart' or whatever with everything in it, but don't actually follow through with the order the first time. That way we can see what the shipping costs would be for the whole package. We divide that cost between everyone who is participating (depending on the size of orders it could be evenly, or if say one person is ordering 5 items and someone else only 2, that person may pay a bit more...), and then everyone pays the cost of their items + taxes + their portion of the shipping.

Once I get the orders, I'll go to the post office and find out the costs for shipping to each individual person is, then I'd let each person know how much it'd be for me to send to them and then once I got that money from them I'd send it out...

(FYI, I live in Ottawa ON and am from Burlington ON - so for anyone in or close to Ottawa we can arange pick up and same goes for anyone in or near Burlington, I'll be home there around Easter...) </lj>
So right now we need to know what people want. :) I'll run the 'test order'.

Does anyone know if GIFTFORYOU09 still works? It does! :) On larger orders it just about covers shipping!

I wouldn't be looking to make this order until late March, early April, for the record. :)

Group order?

Alright, so we all love Lush. Otherwise we wouldn't be here... but what about the products we don't have access to in store, like retro? But of course the shipping is damn near killer!

So what if we all went in on a huge group order together? One person, using paypal or a credit card (unfortunately would be unable to be me, since I have neither) would purchase the lush products online... using money we send to them! Then, when it arrives, we have it shipped to our individual houses/arrange to be picked up.

So... is anyone interested in being the one to place the order? We'd all pay you back before the items were sent out. :)

Sale and Swap

I should Coco, .300 lbs. Ten dollars
Rock star Soap- 126g Eight dollars
The Godmother Soap- 158g Eight dollars
Strawberry Santa Jelly- 100g Six dollars
Sexy Peel- 200g I won't sell this one, as it was given to me for free by the lovely imagineallthree I will swap it!
I Love Juicy 250 ml's- some of it has been used, but there is still a good bit there. About 15 dollars. I may not sell it, but it's a definite go if I get new. It isn't nearly as nice as new!

American Cream conditioner- desperately! Or Veganese
More Spice Curls! I love it!
Honey I Washed the Kids
Butterball shower gel
New! solid shampoo
I'm also very interested in Ginger soap!
Red Rooster
Any retro product!

In your comment, include your post code if buying.

For payments, I can do money order or bank transfer. If you've never done a bank transfer before, I can help you out. :)

Lovely lush goodies to swap!

Hey all! I am new to this site and this whole swapping thing so bear with my newbieness! I have been in love with Lush for almost a year now and have enjoyed using their products. However, it's impossible to love everything, and I would much rather have someone else try something that I will not use rather than stashing it!  I live in Vancouver, BC and would be willing to meet up with local lushies for swapping.

Swap List:

*Note* The soaps and solid products have been cleanly cut from full size bars I've purchased for testing and gifting which is why all are under 100g!

Gentil Lentil (Retro, approx. 75-80g bar from MO, received mid January 09)
17 Cherry Tree Lane Soap (approx. 50g bar, from MO, received mid January 09)
Sakura Solid Fragrance (New, never tested, from MO received February 13 09)
Romance in a Stone Bath Ballistic (Rare bomb, no longer in stock)
Avobath Bath Ballistic (gifted to me January 09)
Aromacreme (Best Before Oct 09, have 75g and willing to swap custom sizes/samples by request)
Jungle Solid Conditioner (purchased in store in December 08, approx. 50g bar)
Strawberry Santa Shower Jelly (LE, gifted to me December 08, I'm not sure exactly how much I have but it fills most of a small black pot (like the size the hair gels come in)

Also willing to make and swap decants/samples of any of the above solid items and:

Jungle Solid Conditioner
Snow Fairy SG
Yummy Yummy Yummy SG
Jasmine & Henna Fluff Eaze
Rockstar soap
Christmas Cake soap
Karma soap
Mudflats soap
Waylander Rhassoul soap (Retro)
Reincarnate shampoo truckle (Retro)
Godmother soap
Washday Greens shampoo (Retro)
Sakura Bath Ballistic

Thanks for looking and please leave a comment or message if you're interested!