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lushswapcanada's Journal

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Keep it local- swap in Canada
Do you have some lush products you don't want? Or don't need? Are you in Canada, and simply can't get to the lush store? Well, post what you have here, and put it up for sale or swap! We can keep shipping costs down! Don't have paypal, but bank online? Most major banks will let you e-mail money for a nominal fee!


1. Keep the prices reasonable. We aren't here to make a profit, we are here for the love of Lush.
2. Don't spam the community with pointless posts. Try and keep it to once a week.
3. Include your location in every post. This includes your postal code.
4. List your prices, or include a list of items you will swap for. Non-lush items are not permitted for swapping.
5. Have fun!